Contracts For Difference or CFD’s were traditionally a product designed and utilized by institutional fund managers. Individuals on the Refinery Capital Management executive board were part of a team that pioneered the CFD offering to the South African retail market.

CFD’s allow investors to leverage their equity investments and allow the investors to speculate on the direction of a specific share price.

Through years of experience and trading in this product, Refinery Capital Management offer the investor a discretionary CFD product whereby Refinery Capital Management will undertake to manage the investment and clients expectations.


 Refinery Capital Management offer clients segregated CFD portfolios with a leading South African Investment Bank.

For clients wishing to trade non-discretionary, Refinery Capital Management undertake to improve on your current cost structure, offer a wealth of research and will assist in the execution of trades and management of positions, should you not wish to trade in realtime via our online platform.

Refinery Capital Management – Investment Management Refined

Refinery Capital Management (PTY) Ltd is an authorized and regulated South African Financial Services provider. FSP #47287