Acer launches super-sized 65-inch Predator gaming monitor


Acer Predator

Johannesburg – Computer maker Acer has unveiled its massive 65-inch monitor as part of its Predator gaming range. 

The new Predator monitor formed part of the launch of Acer’s new product line at the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES), the world’s biggest consumer technology gathering, currently being held in Las Vegas. 

The super-sized Predator gaming display builds on the same specifications that its smaller cousins boast, and integrates Nvidia Shield streaming capabilities to play movies and TV shows in stunning 4K HDR.

The Predator Big Format Gaming Display (BFGD) ultra-low latency at 4K 120Hz and up to 1 000 nits peak luminance.

The Predator BFGD features integrated Nvidia Shield capabilities, so gamers can easily switch between gaming and other forms of entertainment. 

A bundled remote and game controller allows for navigation and access to movies and TV shows from streaming apps. 

The display can also be controlled by voice with Google Assistant, which also allows smart home control.

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