Our Core Values:

Refinery Capital Management is a group of individuals who together combine years of dedication, hard work and commitment.
With experience gained in various roles in international Investment banks, fund management, forex, online stock broking and corporate finance we bring you a company that has ”refined” how Investment should be done.
Our ethos is one of courage, integrity and customer focus. We believe that we will create a company that we are proud of. We are confident that by working together we will build a financial services company that will transform financial Investment.
We cannot promise specific outcomes or risk-free returns but what we can promise you is complete transparency and a honest assessments of our business and prospects.

We will do “the right thing”.

We will build a company that will make our shareholders, employees and customers proud to be apart of.
We will always act in the customer’s best interest, not once in a while, but consistently. This means offering outstanding, well-researched products and services and being helpful, courteous and attentive to our customers every need. We need to be keenly aware of the competitive landscape and quick to act. We must exceed customers’ expectations and constantly make it easier for them to do business with us.

We want to be great.

To do this we must deliver superior returns and growth over time. We must provide our customers with broad, complete and high-quality set of products and services which is what we endeavor to do.
Our executive team is small & integrated, we have the ability to make decision quickly & efficiently and when we do , “We execute to win”
To be relevant and trusted, our company is managed and run by people who believe in our ethos. We represent our business, our systems, our returns. Talking is not enough. We eat, breath and sleep Refinery5 in order to deliver on our promises.

Refinery Capital Management (PTY) Ltd is an authorized and regulated South African Financial Services provider. FSP #47287