7 ways to put your smartphone on a data diet



Johannesburg – With so many apps running simultaneously on smartphones, it is easy for users to lose track of the specific apps that are eating up precious data. But installing an app to monitor data usage and buying data bundles, is just two solutions to cut down on data use. 

Mobile operator Vodacom recommend downloading its My Vodacom App to monitor data usage and buying bundles among other data-saving tips. 

Cell C also recommend its users track their accounts using the network’s Mobile App, while the ‘My Data Manager’ which monitors usage is also available for iOS and Android devices. Other apps include Dataman Pro and MobiStats, while it is also possible to track your data usage in your phone’s settings. 

MTN users can visit MyMTNapp or check their airtime, instant messaging services and data balance by dialing the USD
*141# or calling 141.

Apart from installing the apps, these seven tips will help you embark on the ultimate data diet.

1.  Disable autoplay in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook settings: Videos and GIFs in Facebook start playing as soon as they come up on your feed. Disabling this function in your settings will not only bring down your data usage, but will also lessen the clutter of multiple videos playing all at once. 

2.  Disable syncing:
 By disabling syncing, you’ll restrict your phone from going online every few minutes to see if there are any new emails you need to be aware of. You can make the necessary adjustment in your accounts settings.

3.  Turn off automatic updates: Due to the massive size of some apps, make sure that you have enough data before running an update so that you are not forced to pay out-of-bundle rates. 

4.  Roaming: There’s nothing better than being abroad on a much-needed holiday. One thing you could do without, is a mammoth phone bill the size of your luggage, when you return afterwards. Call your service provider to activate a roaming plan.

5.  Keep apps in check: By going to “data usage” in your settings, you will be able to view a list of apps and the amount of data they have used thus far.

6.  Buy data bundles: Whether you subscribe to a recurring monthly bundle, get a set amount from your contract or opt to buy when you need to, bundles are the best way to source affordable data. Out-of-bundle rates are exorbitant, and you could end up with a nasty bill if indulging in this folly. 

7.  Deleting apps: Applications that you no longer use could be stealthily downloading data in the background, causing you to blow through those bundles. Also ensure that you close apps correctly. Apps will often continue to run in the background after you hit the Home key. Close them by checking for running or recent apps and close them.

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